Thursday, October 26, 2006

Egg cosies..... & that general homey cosy feeling

Ok, I know our focus is usually local but I seem to straying... first Fran and now this wonderful shop from Scotland....Papa Stour. How beautiful are these Egg Cosies. They are made by Lorraine Linton, of INTO, using 100% lambswool and they can't fail to raise a smile!
Lorraine has a number of other whimsical designs that can be viewed here and here.

While we are on the other side of the world lets skip over to the US and take a peek at what Anthropologie have done with the traditional cuckoo clock.

I'm in a decor kinda mood today. If you're feeling kinda homey too you may be inspired by these sweater knit candlestick holders or this paint palette throw. It's the thought of packing boxes, moving house and general chaos that makes me want to look at beautiful things. I better get back to it.

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