Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby 66 has arrived!

Congratulations to Shef and Melinda on the birth of Ziya Joseph Bey today!!! I'm sure most of you have been ohh and ahhing over Melinda's beautiful nursery over at 66 Stitches.

I was supposed to go to Melinda's house yesterday to play with the Gocco printer but someone 'wasn't feeling very well'... I'll say!! Going into labour and all! Goodness!

So now I just have to complete my very excellent present that I have been crafting. I'll post something when it has been completed but I have to let you know that I had to make it twice as the construction involved got a bit mucked up the first time around. But now that I know better it is going to rock!

I shall let you all know that it is cross stitch (of course!).

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