Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New designs and some old friends.

So I've been attempting to put the new stock up on Etsy and I'm just not happy with the photos at the moment. I attempted to shoot them outside yesterday in that awful heat and nearly passed out. I'm being picky really. I have to get over myself and just bung them up. They have new packaging too.

Also, I am thinking of putting together a little book of patterns (like this one) together for sale in the next week - 5 designs. What does everyone think of that?

I was also going to put together a pattern and how to booklet for a few cross stitch biscornu's. As well as a pattern book of cross stitch alphabets....

Any thoughts readers? Maybe a pattern for a baby sampler?? Hmmmm.


66 Stitches said...

ahhh, baby samplers Miss W! I'm still working on my sampler...slowly, slowly. Your ideas sound great. I love the 5 design book idea. Please do it. xox

Alfalfa Crafts said...

I just clicked on Etsy and bought one of your cross stitch patterns. I used to do cross stitch a lot as a child and have been looking around for a cool pattern - I don't want flowers or "home is where the heart is" type of pattern. The book sounds great.