Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New books, thanks op shop.

Added to my collection... Simple Sewing, Make it Yourself & Golden Hands 13.

About 5 years ago I was very lucky to buy a whole stack of about 30 or more Golden Hands booklets from an Op Shop on Smith Street in Collingwood. The set I bought were the mail out soft cover version you must have gotten via subscription as they had a monthly homewares item you could purchase at the back of each edition. So that was like super exciting as I got about 2 years of someone's Granny's collection in one hit. Then on another trip to maybe a year later I found that Golden Hands comes in a hardcover format! It's like they just bound up the subscription version but this time in a lovely yellow cover.. So of course I have to collect them too and it's very exciting when I find an edition number that I don't have already (Hooray, Edition 13!)

Does anyone else collect Golden Hands?


Feli said...

I collect Golden Hands too. But I have only got about 5 of their books. I have 2 hard covers and 3 soft. They are hard to find here in Perth but I am always on the look out.

Kakariki said...

I don't collect Golden Hands but I suspect I recently began a make it yourself collection...

There's an amazing boutique/op shop/new stuff everything and anything shop in Seddon that is currently having a moving sale (she's moving to Footscray). I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. But she's got a collection of both books for sale in there.

I asked her how much she'd sell the sets for because I would've been reluctant to break it up. At which point she had a crisis about selling them (understandable). In the end I managed to pick out one of the MiY books I HAD to have and got that plus this really cool vintage cross stitch print tea towel!

Long story short, if you're an addict. I'd find out the name of the store and ring her and see if she'll sell any of the issues.

I'm really into old cross stitch and embroidery books if anyone's throwing any out...


Serena said...

Hi, I got about 6 of the Golden Hands books from an op shop a few months ago, and realised that I had some duplicates. If there's anything you must have (eg: knitting, crochet etc), I'm sure I can send some of the duplicates over.