Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things I have been doing

Recently I have been making pot holders as presents for friends. This is one recently completed for my good friend Anthea. They're quite easy to make and this one was fun to embroider. Earlier this year a made another for my friend Anna and currently I have two in the making for other birthdays (belated). So I best get back to work.


Rebecca said...

Hi, These are gorgeous! I really love the embroidery - the colours are lovely. I've been thinking about making some pot holders for our new kitchen (we're renovating) but haven't got to it yet - thanks for the inspiration! I was thinking about making an oven glove too but that might be a bit more ambitious than a square-shaped pot holder ;) Thanks for sharing, love your blog :)

Felicia said...

They will love these delightful creations!