Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ohio Knitting Mills

I couldn't resist posting on the Ohio Knitting Mills. Take a look at those fantastic knits!
"Two years ago, on a hunt for scrap metal and an I-beam, sculptor Steven Tatar walked around the corner from his studio to the recently closed Ohio Knitting Mills factory in Cleveland's industrial corridor.
What happened next...This chance meating led the owner of the Mill to give Steven a viewing of their sealed vault which held thousands and thousands of samples and... the opening of Boerum Hill's Ohio Knitting Mills store.

Take me to Ohio, I want some of these digs for the coming winter.

You can read the full story here or go to Ohio Knitting Mills website.

It makes me want to sit and listen all day to the melancholy tones of Magnolia Electric Co.'s, Songs Ohio...

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