Friday, March 16, 2007

Craft Corner Death Match

Too funny... and only available on the Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel at the moment. I am yet to see my first episode (6pm Saturday) but from what I gather it's a bit Mad Max but with craft. There is even some woman called the 'Craft Lady of Steel' of all things!

'Martha Stewart Living meets Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome when amateur crafters compete against each other, against the clock -- and against the imposing Craft Lady of Steel. Armed with nothing more than hot-glue guns and a few basic materials, the contestants must swiftly assemble projects that are judged on beauty, creativity and utility. Host Jason Jones is the devious ringmaster, throwing twists into each challenge and riling up the bloodthirsty studio audience.'

I'm a little concerned, but intrigued just the same.

Craft Corner Death Match - 6pm Saturdays - Lifestyle Channel (ch.106) - Foxtel.

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Jane said...

That is hysterical! Lucky there is no footy game this Saturday night or there could be a Deathmatch over the TV channel. I love it.