Monday, January 29, 2007

Summer knitting

I've been compelled to pick up my sticks and knit. Last winter I spied a boy with a moss stitch scarf on, in Carlisle Street. I immediately fell in love with it and decided right there and then that next year I would sport a moss stitch scarf, so here I am..... early..... I know, but with these crazy weather patterns, at least I'll be prepared.

This lovely sewing basket was given to me on the weekend by the 'Little Fella's' mum. She made it! There is a basket cleverly sewn into the base to hold it in shape and pockets inside perfect for holding thread, scrissors and all manner of accessories.

The pièce de résistance is the box of Cash's Name Tapes with the L.F's granny's name printed on. "Cash's Lingerie Ribbons. Ask your Draper for CASH'S Ribbons: the only perfect Ribbons for Shoulder Straps."
There is also a sachet of "Aigulles Francaises Bohin Diverses" sewing needles, also granny's a gorgeous sterling silver thimble. These three items were tucked safely inside their own quilted purse. What a present! Thank you Jenny, I love it.


ladle said...

go LF's mum - what a star!!!

Miss Woolly said...

Indeed! Such a treat. Yay, for LF's mum.

LF said...

Yeah, great stuff mum!