Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Miffy...& Eliza.

Hip Hip Hooray! Miffy is 50. Can you beleive it?
Created in 1955 by Dick Bruna in the Netherlands and first published in 1963 Miffy has taken the world by storm. In 1983 the first 'miffy playgroup opened, in 1992 she featured in 52 short TV films for KRO television. In 2001 we saw the premiere of the miffy musical...and the 100th title by Dick Bruna was published and over the next 5 years Miffy notched up her 200th performance of the miffy musical, introduced miffy 3d animated films for TV, premiered a second musical and was appointed as New York City Family Tourism Ambassador. For a little white rabbit she sure does have it going on (much like Eliza who celebrated her birthday yesterday!).
After a huge redevelopment the V & A Museum of Childhood reopen their doors this Saturday and feature an Exhibition titled 'Happy Birthday Miffy'
If you need a miffy fix amazon have plenty of titles to search through or take a look at the official website.

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miss woolly said...

I knew I had an affinity with Miffy, I just knew it!