Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sally Campbell Textiles

Sally Campbell's Home Textiles exhibition opens tonight at KAZARI, in Prahran. Sally has combined her love of textiles and travel to create this range of textiles out of India. The items avilable to purchase will comprise one-off tablecloths, cushion covers, sheer curtains, and hand woven quilts, crafted by artisans throughout India, from Rajasthan, to Bengal and Bangladesh. The hand dyeing and kantha stitching make this a must see! Just look at the colours produced by those vegetagle dyes. Ahhhh, it makes me want to experiment right now.
The exhibition runs from 17th Nov until 1 Dec.

I just found this tutorial on dyeing wool...although, it doesn't use vegetable dye, it does look like a great summer time process. Eliza and I could lie back on our sun lounges (?) with a couple of Pina Colada's while the wool dries and admire our craftmanship. Now there's an idea. That's summer sorted!

P.S. I'm overdue on a Japanses themed post so I'd just like to mention that Ziguzagu at the KAZARI warehouse currently have a sale on Japanese fabrics. They have at least 500 rolls of kimono fabric in a "dazzling array of designs" and more than 2000 vintage kimono in various textiles and different "price points". he, he..I love marketing and I also love a bit of Real Estate jargon...."well appointed"... "of generous proportions"....For some reason those things really make me happy. Bye.

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