Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Liana Kabel

On a recent trip to Queensland I was lucky enough to meet Liana Kabel at the MOB (Museum of Brisbane) Shop. Liana has been awarded the CREATIVE SPARKS GRANT from the Brisbane City Council and Arts Queensland to create and promote and new range of contemporary jewellery. Liana's father was a jeweller and mother..a Tupperware Lady. A lot of her pieces are made from Tupperware and the colours are just fantastic. Take a look at her shop and pick yourself up one for Christmas..I did! If you're as fascinated as me by Liana's work check out her Flickr page.


Liana said...

OH thanks Miss Woolly!!

miss woolly said...

No problem Liana. We love your work. Congratulations on the Grant! We look forward to seeing lots more of your work.