Thursday, November 02, 2006

Anna, is this acceptable?

I came across this while hunting around on the net for knitting patterns and it brought such a smile to my face that I thought I should share it with you all. 'The First Completely Knitted Wedding' by Cast-Off in the UK. The curator of this exhibition 'Ceremony' was none other than the bride herself, Freedie Robins. Everything at the wedding was knitted, from the cameras, to the dress and even the food. Take a look at Gallery 1 & Gallery 2 to appreciate the sheer magnitude. All the knitters and their friends were invited to attend the wedding.

On that note I thought you may like to get knitting your very first completely knitted Christmas with these free patterns, Mini Christmas Stocking, Christmas Tree Ornament and one for the lads a Beer Cozy.

But wait, there's more... this really is the BeDazzler of 'Haute Couture Knitting'. It'll make your day, really! Please scroll right to the bottom...because you get not 1 not 5 not 10 but 150!

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