Tuesday, September 05, 2006

KimonoYES & Ah! Kimono

We haven't had a post on anything Japanese for ....oh, about 4 days.
So, to quench Miss Woolly's insatiable thirst for all things Japanese... here goes.

KimonoYES is an Australian company, based in ACT, who sell Antique Japanese Fabric perfect for the quilting enthusiast out there. You can buy bundled lots or single pieces, along with obi's, tassels and a set of haori himo.

or.. why not join the Fabric & More Club at Ah! Kimono. Each month or quarter (you select) they'll send you a package of vintage fabrics to the value of either $36 or $20.
What a perfect combination, a package in the mail that would contain Japanese fabric. It's almost too good to be true (or is that just me?).

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