Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lah-de-dah home maker.

mill & mia accessories

If you are feeling parcicularly lah-de-dah home maker get on down to the Hawksburn Village to satisfy your plush desires. Miss Woolly went for a stroll yesterday and quenched her visual senses on the sumptuous wares this strip has on offer. mill & mia have delightful quilts in their own custom printed fabrics along with gorgeous accessories (not just for kids) and some limited edition knitted dolls (unfortunately they're not featured of the site) which are to die for. Seriously.
There's Husk, Minimax for those 'Domestic Princess' moments, or if it's something a little more soft and fuzzy try ak traditions ..... there is Fiona Scanlan's big it just goes on.....then there's food but I'll let you discover that for yourself. Ahhhh, now I need a little lie-de-down.

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