Saturday, August 26, 2006

Busy busy....craving quiet time for projects.

Eliza and I have been busy getting our plans together for Miss Woolly's development (in amoungst house painting, backyard blitz's, brightly lit classrooms, visiting family and squeezing in a couple of hours of sleep) which has resulted in a lack of project posts..sorry! In the meantime if any of you have projects of your own you'd like to share please leave us a note in the guestbook.
If you're one of the 40 lucky people waiting on their buttons, we'll have them underway this week and in your hot little hands very soon (we've scheduled it into our timeline! How very organised indeed).

In the meantime check out the talents of all these local's who I came across during my days at Wilkins & Kent.
Ramona Raven who is currently studying texile design at RMIT and producing a range of gorgeous products under her own name. The bookmarks featured below are part of her product range, handmade from recycled vintage world atlas.

There's Alex Earl 'who always has something in the pipeline' and his amazing lights. You may have come across his rather large fish in the window of Craft Victoria in 2005 ....or if you've been down Brunswick Street past the window of W&K you would surely have been dazzled by their brilliance in the window.

(Gggrr, blogger photo upload is down so I can't insert the images for Jenny & Gracia & Louise...they'll have to come later. If you can't wait that long you can always go straight to the source...W&K, they're both pictured on pg. 1 of the Homewares section).
Jennifer Sharp and her incredible love and patience for producing vibrant and details tapestries depicting the Australian landscape. Jenny makes tapestries mounted on canvas, small framed tapestreis and beauiful brooches.

Another one of my favorites,Hammer & Daisy and their delightful handbound journals each one completely unique with fantastic fabrics sourced from all over the pace, pencil cases, zines, pinnies (which are featured in the window of Craft Victoria right now!)

Hopefully things will start to quieten down soon so we can produce some craft of our own. My fingers are I need to finish esme's head as...little Emilia has arrived into the world and can't be sleeping with a headless bear at her age.

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