Friday, July 07, 2006

The Sartorialist

How fabulous and how nice would it be to have such a lovely purple dress. That and be in Paris with good hair at the same time...

In case you haven't encounted The Sartorialist on your web travels you'll soon become addicted. The Sartorialist at the moment is in Paris, but he can usually be found on the streets of New York City asking to take a photo of your outstanding outfit. This is the first site I look at in the morning to see who he has met on his travels. Soon you, like my friend Peter, will be doing the same I'm sure.


Peter said...

Peter here,
It's true. I can't begin my day without the sartorialist.
It has changed my life.

I love miss wooly too

miss woolly said...

Thankyou Pete, x