Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Presence of Things, Sense, Veneer and Guise

The Presence of Things, Sense, Veneer and Guise is a touring exhibition in conjunction with NETS Victoria. It features the work of 14 artists inspired by the collection of the Victorian Embroiderers Guild. The work above is by Kate Gotching and called Production line 2006 (paper , starch 350 x 800 x 120 (approx) and was inspired was a c1800s white Irish needle lace flounce. Another great outing to get you out of the city this winter. Dates listed below.

Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell 24 June – 6 August 2006
Castlemaine Art Gallery 14 August – 17 September 2006
Wangaratta Exhibitions Gallery 29 September – 22 October 2006
Ararat Gallery 18 November – 7 January 2007
Mildura Arts Centre 18 January – 4 March 2007
Warrnambool Art Gallery 17 March – 13 May 2007

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Anonymous said...

How did you get that limited palette silvery effect on the photo? It's Kate Cotching by the way, with a "C", not a "G".