Sunday, March 30, 2008

Philip Glass for Sesame Street

Does anyone remember this? It was on Sesame Street in the late 1970's early 1980's. Jesse was right, it is really beautiful. I can't stop watching it.

Del Kathryn Barton

'You Are What Is Most Beautiful About Me, A Self Portrait With Kell And Arella' by Del Kathryn Barton won this years Archibald. You can go and see more of her amazing works on exhibition at the Karen Woodbury Gallery in Richmond (4 Albert Street) if you happen to be in Melbourne. But you have to get there this week as the exhibition closes April 5th. Her work is just amazing and if I had the cash, I'd collect it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I found this great zebra/horse?? whilst doing a random search for some inspiration. It's pretty cute. It's prompted me to consider some crafty applique myself..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Night Art Links

Andrew Hem - I Drew Him
Britt Sanders - I Love Britt

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stig Lindberg

Another of my favorite designers, the late great Swedish designer Stig Lindberg. Like all good designers he worked in ceramics, glass and textiles as well as being equally successful as an industrial designer, painter, and illustrator. Plus he was a pretty interesting looking bloke. I am all for the glasses, bow tie and pipe combo!

If I could have a piece of his work right now I would have to say I'd take a plate like this one I found on this great japanese website that he designed for Gustavsberg Ceramics.

If only I had paid attention in Japanese classes! Can you imagine!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quilts from Flickr.

I wish that each day had more hours sometimes... Quilts by Swim Notes

I think I need this too...

Orange Gingham Vintage Half Apron with Cross Stitch!!! Maybe my pink apple apron needs a friend? Oh, 66 Stitches I love this.

In lieu of Easter eggs...

10 little free form crochet pieces from Portugal by Kjoo on Etsy. Even more AMAZING work on Flickr.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cross stitch love on Etsy

I'm contemplating buying this.... how lovely is it! It's for sale in Sansku's Etsy store... I'm thinking of working in linen for the new charts I'm working on...

New designs and some old friends.

So I've been attempting to put the new stock up on Etsy and I'm just not happy with the photos at the moment. I attempted to shoot them outside yesterday in that awful heat and nearly passed out. I'm being picky really. I have to get over myself and just bung them up. They have new packaging too.

Also, I am thinking of putting together a little book of patterns (like this one) together for sale in the next week - 5 designs. What does everyone think of that?

I was also going to put together a pattern and how to booklet for a few cross stitch biscornu's. As well as a pattern book of cross stitch alphabets....

Any thoughts readers? Maybe a pattern for a baby sampler?? Hmmmm.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Great little jacket. I think anyway.

How awesome is this little jacket! I have a little crush on it.
And it's only, like, US $355!!! Cheers to Cynthia Rowley. Boo's to the price.

But it does have some excellent Ric Rac all over it.

That's a trend that has to begin again. Ric Rac all over everything!

More Stitches and Craft..

Just a couple of shots from yesterday. One being my little spot on the panel. I really like the decal's they did on the front. I thought it would be great for the room of a teen aged girl. Or any part of the house my husband would let me put them up!

The other shot is my view towards the stage. Interviews and demonstrations were conducted all day. I did two little interviews - I had a little microphone and was up on the screen talking cross stitch and being self conscious. But it was over soon enough. some of the ladies I shared the panel with included Angela from Sew Your Own, Jennifer from Amitie Patchwork and Quilting, Bianca from Hollabee, Fiona from Dear Fii & Hiromi from Felt Cuisine.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shop News.

Hi Everyone,

I had a really great time at the Stitches and Craft Show over the weekend and it was really great to meet all the lovely crafty people there. Special thanks to the fantastic Living Creatively staff who did such a great job. I had a great time and met some really great fellow bloggers and crafty ladies.

Just to let you know, the store will be updated in the morning featuring the new Miss Woolly kits and handmade brooches.

I think tonight I need to sit down with my feet up and eat some cake. So updates will follow in the first thing tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Living Creatively - Stitches and Craft Show

If anyone happens to be going to the Stitches and Craft Show at Caulfield Racecourse (VIC, Australia) I'm going to be there plying my trade at the super duper Living Creatively stand on this Friday and Sunday. It's very exciting to be asked and I'm a bit nervous to say the least! But I do know I'll be keeping good company with Angela from Three Buttons and Nicole Mallalieu of Nicole Mallalieu Design among others! Kerri-Anne Kennerly is even going to be there on Thursday!!! Just got to get everything ready - including the new designs! Eek!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New books, thanks op shop.

Added to my collection... Simple Sewing, Make it Yourself & Golden Hands 13.

About 5 years ago I was very lucky to buy a whole stack of about 30 or more Golden Hands booklets from an Op Shop on Smith Street in Collingwood. The set I bought were the mail out soft cover version you must have gotten via subscription as they had a monthly homewares item you could purchase at the back of each edition. So that was like super exciting as I got about 2 years of someone's Granny's collection in one hit. Then on another trip to maybe a year later I found that Golden Hands comes in a hardcover format! It's like they just bound up the subscription version but this time in a lovely yellow cover.. So of course I have to collect them too and it's very exciting when I find an edition number that I don't have already (Hooray, Edition 13!)

Does anyone else collect Golden Hands?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My new favorite fashion blogs

Following around links last night I found a few great fashion blogs I thought I'd share.

Cat Party - A lovely fashion blog by Amy, Chelsea, Megan and Joanna. I think this one is my favorite.
Fashionologie - I've been reading this one for a while.
Style Bubble - I love how Susie photographs herself in her outfits.

Does anyone else have a favorite Fashion Blog to share?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tilleke Schwarz

I can't quite remember how I came upon Tilleke's work but it's so great. This embroidery on Linen is called 'Count Your Blessings.' I love the detail shots too. How cute are the rabbits! You can check out more of her work here on her great site. Also worth a look are her links.

You know a good way to work like this is to draw on linen or cotton yourself with one of those pens that wash off. I was just thinking that it would be a really interesting thing to do to plain napkins or pillowcases. You could make them little works of art for friends...Hummm... Maybe that's something I should look into...(tick, tick, tick goes my brain..)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Selvedge Bookshop

I have just been browsing Selvedge Magazine's online bookstore... I wish I was earning lots and lots of English Pounds then I could afford to indulge myself in an even bigger textile library. Above is a book I would love to own.

Tobias and the Angel

How lovely is this bag.I think it's block printed. Tobias and the Angel is a beautiful store in White Heart Lane, London. You must visit their site or store as they have the most beautiful block printed textiles. Sigh.

Vintage Dutch Fabric on Ebay

Very cute vintage Dutch fabric - bidding ends March 6th.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Just about the best present ever!

Many thanks to my 8 year old cousin Emily who single-handedly won best wedding present. x

I've been away...

Just got back from the best honeymoon ever in the Whitsundays. While there we discovered a little jem of a time warp called Hook Island. So cute. Don't let the photo's in the photo section fool you... This island had it's hayday in 1980. Which is what makes it the coolest. Great place to take your buddies on a vacay. One of the cheapest islands $$ wise too. I can just see a tropical craft bonanza happening by the fiberglass pool!